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Organized Wall Storage for your New Garage

Storage and Organizing for your Garage

We offer storage solutions for Skis, Bikes, Kayaks, Seasonal and household items Sporting Goods and many other items that seem to find there way into the garage

Organize your tools and outdoor gear with our organizer-Wall as well as Storewall or flow wall.

Features and Advantages:

  • Organize your walls to the dimensions of your individual space size.
  • High build finish.
  • Strong, solid core, your wall panels won't fade or show scratches.
  • Waterproof, water resistant heavy duty panels.
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • An extremely strong, versatile and beautiful storage panel for the most demanding applications.
  • Our Heavy duty Panels are significantly stronger and more resilient than conventional wall panels, waterproof, recyclable and easily cleaned.

Organized Solutions for your Organized Garage

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Garage Floors, Cabinets,
Organization Solutions

Custom Designed for You.

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Our Ski Rack Storage System is available in 2 lengths to accommodate the avid skier with multiple sets of skis to the larger family with additional sets of skis for all.

garage-wood-store-wall-for-snowboard-skis-Park City

garage-wood-store-wall-for-snowboard-skis-Park City

garage-wood-store-wall-for-snowboard-skis-Park City

solution-ski-organizer-snowboard-helmet-Park City

Our 2 meter Ski Organizer can accommodate up to 24 pairs of skis.

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Our individual XL Ski racks combined with Storewall Organizing Wall for the Glamour Garage.


Bicycle Storage Racks that rotate 30 degrees affording you the extra space when the use of all the available space is required.


Wall Organizers behind the workbench with our tool hanging attachments, powerstrips and undermount task lighting.

garage-organizer-kayak-bike-Richard-Mularski-Wasatch-Garage-Park City

Our Wall organization systems can accommodate many different household items as well as the recreational items that garages in park City all seem to have.

garage-store-wall-for-snowboard-skis-Park City

Custom Ski and Snowboard Storage.


A completely organized Ski Closet showing one of our boot dryers and 1M ski racks.

garage-cabinets-solution-bicycle-kayak-skis-Park City

Our Aluminum built on site Slatwall is durable strong and offers aesthetic beauty to your project.


We create the best storage solutions for the space that you have provided to us.


We Can Create Build and Design that Unique Storage Solution for your space consider a Custom Bike Rack for your Garage.





Overhead Storage Ski Storage and Bike Storage


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