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Lava Floor Metallic Epoxy is an Amazing Product with Amazing results

Liquid Metallic Epoxy

Features and Advantages:

  • Our Liquid metallic epoxy delivers a smooth, glossy finish with gorgeous color shifts and a subtle metallic sparkle.

  • Strong chemical resistance to oil, gas, engine coolant, salt, and household chemicals.

  • Liquid Metallic Epoxy can be applied over new and /or existing concrete floors.

  • Multiple color combinations are can be created using Liquid Metallic Epoxy.

  • Garage Floors can now be brought to present design standards by using a Liquid metallic Garage Floor Coating.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings are a floor Coating system that is designed to coat over new and old concrete floors found in residential and commercial areas. After applying the decorative Metallic Epoxy Flooring to your concrete, the finished look is a smooth, glass-like finish that has a unique and subtle reflective movements. No two concrete floors will ever look the same.

garage-metallic-lava-floor-benefits-Park City

Some of our recent award winning work featured at World of Concrete on a job finished in Salt Lake City, UT.

Yellow Garage-metallic-lava-flooring

Metallic Garage Floor Coatings allow the installer to create subtle color shifts that are specific to each individual floor.


Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be customized using multiple colors and application techniques. Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings offer all the protective properties of traditional epoxy.

garage-red- metallic-epoxy-lava-floor

The installation technique is what determines the final look of the floor and is a critical part in attaining the desired look. Not only will these floors look beautiful, but they will meet the performance needs for your garage.


Metallic floors are one of the most durable floor coating systems on the market installed with 93% percent solids applied in the topcoat, they can offer years of service when properly cared for.


Extensive preparation is key to any installation of a successful product and garage floor coatings are no exception. We take the extra steps necessary to insure a long lasting, strong performing floor.


Different installation techniques are used to create a three-dimensional result, when working with metallic epoxy the techniques used can dramatically affect the end product.


Proper preparation and application are key to a successful long lasting floor our Liquid Metallic epoxy system can be installed up to 5 layers offering the client added layers of protection and appearance.


This multi-process floor consisting of 4 different base colors of liquid metallic Epoxy was featured in World of Concrete 2019.

Park City, Utah Installing Liquid Metallic Epoxy

video tutorial installation epoxy metallic floor for Wasatch Garage Utah

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