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Overhead Storage is an Easy Solution for Organization

Get Your Garage Organized with Overhead Storage Racks

Features and Advantages:

Whether you are storing tires for the winter or your children’s sporting goods until the next season begins, garage overhead storage offers you a better storage solution. Wasatch Garage offers overhead storage solutions in a variety of sizes including large racks that neatly install above the garage door and are capable of supporting large loads to smaller wall racks that make useful storage space for otherwise non-considered areas of the garage.

  • Our Storage racks are constructed out of 14 gauge steel and are superior to racks found in large box brand stores. Each track is available in either powder coated silver or white.

  • Our Storage Racks are available in several different sizes.

  • Our over head storage racks are available in many different sizes and can accommodate many different items.

  • Consider how much storage you will gain by adding storage racks above the garage door.

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Wasatch Garage offers Overhead Storage Racks as well as gear specific racks for items such as Tires, Kayaks, Stand-up Paddle Boards and other seasonal items that need a place to be stored.


Overhead-racks are right for those that want to have maximum storage capabilities and to store heavy items, like bulky equipment or storage bins, that take up valuable floor space in your garage.


We Offer specific Storage solutions for those larger items that need to find a home.


An overhead storage solution for the finishing touch of a perfectly designed garage.


Our overhead storage racks are constructed out of 14 gauge steel and anchored to the ceiling with construction grade hardware.


Utilizing the space above your garage door can be the answer when considering Overhead Garage Storage.


Our 2x8 Overhead Rack is the perfect compliment to a well thought out space.


We have the solution for storing Seasonal Tires with our Tire Storage Rack.


An Overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to put away those items that you don’t frequently need,allowing more room for the items you do need.

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