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For the past 15 years, Wasatch Garage has been dedicated to creating organized garages for homeowners across Utah. From Sunny St George to the Mountain Peaks of Park City, we have delivered unparalleled service and expertise to give our clients the garage of their dreams. As a trusted business owner and resident of Park City, I invite you to explore our website and experience the difference we can make for you. Let us help you turn your garage into the ultimate organized space you deserve.
Sincerely, Richard Mularski (Owner).


Our garage cabinets are tailored to your specific requirements, providing you with personalized drawers, sturdy shelves, and bespoke hardware that cater to your unique demands. Furthermore, our cabinets come with soft-close doors, ensuring a noise-free and effortless closing experience. Our innovative solutions not only enhance the functionality of your garage but also elevate its style, providing you with a space you can take pride in.